Musicians about us

“…Today, in the age of high technology, we have to remind ourselves about the importance of Music in the global society. Music does not require translation. With this universal language one can reach out to any human being regardless of ethnic, political or cultural differences. Thanks to my parents and teachers, from a very early age I have been fortunate to be able to connect with many people through Music. That’s why I am happy to support this new school, which will bring up a new generation of wonderful musicians.”

Maxim Vengerov, Soloist and Conductor
September 2010

“The newly opened Zakhar Bron School of Music, which continues the Great Russian violin tradition, takes a unique and important position among all the musical education institutions of the Canton of Zurich.

Zakhar Bron School of Music offers a program which includes not only violin training, but also courses in music theory and is designed for highly talented, motivated and ambitious children and teenagers.

Pedagogical achievements of the School’s founder Zakhar Bron, who personally supervises the teaching process, which is held by some of his distinguished former students, let us expect that many outstanding young violinists will rise from this talent pool. I am very happy that Zakhar Bron School of Music has opened in Zurich.

Daniel Fueter, Musician
January 2011

“…Now, having become a violin soloist and looking back at those years, I understand fully what is required to bring up a young violinist: hours and hours of working with the teacher (when I was small Professor Bron gave me lessons every day), rehearsals with the pianist, regular concerts, which allow young musicians to develop their performance skills, appearances with orchestra. It is extremely important for the young violinist to have all these opportunities from a very early age. This is exactly the kind of music education which is offered by Zakhar Bron School of Music. And this is why with great pride I am becoming an Honorary Member of the School and giving my full support to the young talents and their teachers.

Vadim Repin, Soloist
April 2011

“…I am deeply convinced that the pedagogical approach of Zakhar Bron must be continued. I am very happy that young teachers, who have absorbed the method of the famous professor are working under his supervision. I wholeheartedly support the foundation of this special music school for gifted children. I strongly believe that children who are taught from an early age by highly qualified teachers can achieve extraordinary success.”

Mstislav Rostropovich, Patron of the Project “Zakhar Bron School of Music”
October 2007

“…It would be an understatement to say that my encounter with Professor Bron completely changed and enriched my life and my personality as a musician. So much of what I have achieved as a violinist takes its origins in the school of Professor Bron. His extensive knowledge of violin technique, his ability to analyze problems, isolate and repair them, his dedication to his students knows no boundaries.

My only regret is that I have only met him when I was 17 years old. If we had got to know each other earlier, and I had had the unique chance to profit from his expertise in the field of teaching children from the very beginning, my maturing as a violinist would have been much easier.

This is why I am extremely supportive of the new Zakhar Bron School and would like to wish him and his students a lot of happiness, success and inspiration in the service of Music.

Daniel Hope, Soloist and Conductor
April 2010