“The more you grow the more you learn (and you can even win the prize)”

Ilva Eigus wins the first prize at the Crescendo Competition 2015.

“Success in Paris” Jungfrau Newspaper

Zakhar Bron School of Music, which finds it’s home in Interlaken, celebrates first and second prizes at the International Competition in Paris.

“1st prize for Romane” Swiss Music Newspaper

Two students of the Zakhar Bron School of Music received prizes at the Flame International Competition in Paris.

“Talents of the future shine” Lake of Zürich Newspaper

Concerts of the young performers at the Lake of Zurich Music Festivals have already become a tradition. Young soloists bring joy to the ears, hearts and souls of the listeners.

“A child prodigy with the violin” Lake of Zürich Newspaper

10 year old Emilia von Albertini performs as a soloist with the symphony orchestra Horgen-Thalwil.

“Violin fairies, small and grown up” Davos Newspaper

Seven year old Emilia von Albertini and 24 year old Irina Pak perform at the Sunday concert at St. Theodul Church, demonstrating their talent, desire to make music and the highest level of artistry.