Tuition and Fees


  • Violin
  • Cello
  • Piano


Children and teenagers aged 5 to 18 years

Our school is open for all children who are interested in serious music education. For every student we offer an individual program, corresponding to the needs of the child.


Tuition fee is calculated on the semester basis and has to be paid in full before the beginning of each semester.

Individual Lessons

We offer two options of individual lessons:


Is especially good for beginners, also possible for continuing students who do not wish to take an intensive course.

2 lessons per week (30-45 min each)

Individual lesson 30 min CHF 45.-

Individual lesson 45 min CHF 70.-


This is a program for gifted children who are willing to dedicate more time to music. It is especially recommended for those students whose parents do not have an opportunity to help with practicing at home. The program is also recommended during periods of preparation for concerts and competitions.

2-4 lessons per week (60 min each)

Individual lesson 60 min CHF 90.-

Group Lessons

Music Theory:

Music theory is one of the most important disciplines in music education. It helps children to develop musical memory, sense of pitch and rhythm, creative thinking and gives them the tools for improvisation and composition. It gives students the theoretical knowledge which allows them to understand and enjoy music on a different level.

1 lesson per week (45 min)

Group lesson for music theory 45 min CHF 25.-

Ensemble and Chamber Music:

Making music together brings children joy and also opportunities to use their new abilities in practice, to share musical experiences, learn from each other and make friends.

Group lesson for ensemble or chamber music (2-4 children) 60 min CHF 45.- or CHF 35.-

School Rules

Here you can find the rules of the School

School Calendar

School year 2016/2017:

1st semester: August 22nd 2016-February 11th 2017

2nd semester: February 27th 2017-July 08th 2017

The holiday schedule for the School year 2016/2017 you can find here